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    Are Adjustable Bed Frames Worth It

    Sep 28,2022 | fromann

    What is an adjustable bed frame?

    The bed frame that can head up and foot up.

    Electric power system controlled by wireless remote.


    What are the benefits of an adjustable bed frame?

    Change your position: watching TV / surf the internet with your head up 0-65 degrees


    Help snoring & acid reflux: head up to 8 degrees, elevating your head with an adjustable base can help alleviate symptoms that may causing you lose sleep.


    Help with lower-body injuries : foot up to 0-35°, If you have a lower-body injury, such as a sprained ankle or broken leg, an adjustable base allows you to lift your legs. It’s also useful for people with poor circulation in their legs, like varicose veins


    Zero Gravity: The adjustable base provide a feeling of zero-gravity, providing pressure relief. That way, when you sleep you feel completely weightless and get the rest you need to recharge and recover.

    Easily getting out of bed: Especially for the elderly people and people with injuries, having a bed that raises up and down easily may help you get in and out of bed more comfortably.


    Split king bed base: allow partners to individually customize their side of the bed. Up or flat


    What are the cons of an adjustable bed frame?


    1, It needs to be connected to a socket

    2, A really slight noise of Okin motor

    3, Price: $389.99 to $779.99 when applying the discount for Fromann adjustable bed frame. Free shipping and returns.

    4,The Mattress:

    as the bed frame will raise up and down, the mattress needs to have a little flexibility

    General, latex / sponges / memory foam will work, those mattresses with built-in springs will not bend well unless they are specifically for adjustable bed



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