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    Customer DIY Show - Height Adjustable Desk Frame

    Sep 23,2022 | fromann

    When tired for work long time,

    lift the desk to your comfortable height, stand for a while, energy back ^-^

    Start you day with Fromann standing desk

    white 3 tier dual motor stand up desk frame

    When you spends a lot of time at the computer,

    getting tired of sitting for long

    Ot's time to upgrade to a standing desk

    white 3 tier standing desk frame


    Enjoy your room with Fromann electric standing desk

    In the day, full of sunshine and green plants

    Turn to night, passion & atmosphere for gaming

    Black 3 tier dual motor standing desk frame



    Standing desk with 2 moniters

    Fromann standing desk frame


    Heiht adjustable desk for Home and office

    Stand for work, Sit for movies




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