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    What's an Adjustable Bed & What's the Benifit of Adjustable Bed

    Feb 02,2023 | Fromann

    What's an electric adjustable bed

    Initial electric adjustable bed is used to help injuired people to sit up from a lying station.

    So back up is the basic function for an electric adjustable bed, back up angle is not same in different makers
    Fromann electric adjustable bed adjust back from 0-60 degrees

    Then foot up function is added to the bed,  help blood flow back from the feet, and relieves foot pain, especial long time walking, standing and varicose veins. 
    Fromann adjustable bed adjust from 0-40 degrees

    Adjustable bed help you sleep more comfortably, such as raising a little bit to prevent snoring and relieve lower back and leg pain. It also helps people with acid reflux

    With the progress of The Times, electric smart bed is no longer only used for the old and the sick, it has been used by many young people for daily leisure life, such as back up any angle convenient for watch TV, leaning on the bed reading, working, gaming etc. and become a good helper of sleep

    Surprisingly, electric beds are also good for pregnant women and their babies.
    Pregnant women in late pregnancy leg swelling, belly big lead to back pain, adjust the angle of the electric bed can relieve the pressure on some area.
    For mothers, electric rise instead of their own waist force, for small babies, as their stomach and intestines are short,  lying flat will lead to the milk they just eat out from the mouth or nose. head a bit higher than stomach is better for babies, However, electric beds are not specially designed for babies, parent should be there to take care of them. also avoid babies long time in the bed without guard rails for babies, which may lead to the risk of falling off the bed.

    Additional features such as USB charging ports. this is a connector added to the side of your bed , used to charge your own electronic devices. you can charge your phone, tablet or other smart devices while lying down.
    The design of the light under the bed is to make it more convenient to get up at night, and will automatically go out after 10 minutes. there is a feeling the eyes is hard to open when suddely turning on the bedroom light in the dark night.
    It's a feature that some people like and some people don't find useful, and some people like it find it convenient to find things under the bed, depending on their preference right
    There are also some differences in the remote controls.
    Some remote controls are very simple, with separate back and feet adjust, no simultaneous back and feet adjust button
    Why this is imortant?
    As the electric bed is very slow to move, and you need to hold up the key during the process of moving, if you press to back up then press to feet up, you may feel impatient.
    Fromann bed has one key to adjust back and foot at the same time
    In addition, the angle of ZG (Zero Gravity) button is set in the factory. the angle of each factory is slightly different.
    In fact, ZG is the same as the memory button, but the ZG is set in the factory, while M is not set
    Froman has ZG (Zero Gravity) and M (memory button). If you don't like the ZG angle set by the factory, you can set any angle you want to ZG button.
    Then you have 2 memory buttons,  which can just one click to your favourate positions instead of keep pressing for long time.
    Flat is very easy to understand. back to flat with one click
    As for the flashlight function on the Fromann remote control, maybe it is a spare flashlight?
    Fromann's bed is very environmentally friendly, except for the iron frame and mesh, there is no wood inside. no need to worry about whether the wood contains formaldehyde.
    Can this be the last reason to attract you to buy Fromann electric adjustable bed
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    In my mind, the bed may be able to replace the alarm clock in the future.
    Think about a bed that automatically makes you sit up instead of an alarm clock waking you up every morning, Is it no longer difficult to get up?